Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge June 2010

I love participating in the Photo Hunt Challenges. It really opens your eyes to thinking outside the box when snapping photos. I look forward to a month full of fantastic photo opportunities.
Here are the items in this month's challenge:
1. Hilarious Out-takes
2. Creative Crop
3. Sun Flare
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Work
6. Play
7. Cookout/Picnic
8. Transportation
9. Money/Currency
10. A Fountain
11. A Night Scene
12. B&W with Selective Coloring
13. Something Old
14. Something New
15. Something Borrowed
16. Something Blue
17. Something Musical
18. Something Purple
19. Something Yellow
20. Something Scenic
Head on over to Photo Hunt Challenges to learn more.