Saturday, July 25, 2009

SOOC - Hummingbird

I became really interested in photography when I captured this photo and realized what a great camera I had.

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Carletta said...

And what kind of camera do you have? :)
Excellent shot!

Mine’s here: Round The Bend.

Greyscale Territory said...

Such a sweet photo! The action of the bird's wings has been beautifully captured!

Jan said...

Great capture. Hummingbirds don't seem to co-operate for me. Don't worry about getting your link into the comment. Thanks for joining in, see you soon.

Sherrie said...

Awesome Shot!!! I can't seem to get a hummingbird either. They just won't sit and pose for me! Have a great day!!


Tanya said...

My camera is a Nikon D50, nothing special, but I really like it:)

Sarah said...

Nice shot, Tanya! I think it's so funny that I didn't realize this was YOU doing this blog... now I will come back even more often!!!