Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

I have just started blogging and came across a Photo Scavenger Hunt for the month of July hosted by Jen and Alexa through Phun with Photography. With just six days left in the month, I am going to attempt to compete in the scavenger hunt. It is a good way to get started.

So here is the list of photos I need to capture:

  1. disney character
  2. someone in uniform
  3. work of art
  4. A word spelled with unusual lettering
  5. a hat
  6. a tree native to your area
  7. a bug
  8. library/book
  9. sign in more than 2 languages
  10. money/ foreign currency
  11. a pool
  12. the colour purple
  13. a window - or looking through a window
  14. crying
  15. a fruit
  16. a sport
  17. sky
  18. license plate from another State/Province/Country
  19. Height
  20. Music

1 comment:

Jan said...

I'm doing this, too. Great fun.